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Fulbrighter Gonzalo Iglesias Rossini at Georgetown University Shares His Experience

“I am honored to have been awarded the Fulbright grant with ANII and to have been given the opportunity to complete my Environmental & Energy Law LL.M. degree at Georgetown University Law Center. Due to the current health emergency that resulted from the global COVID-19 pandemic, I had to return to Uruguay a few days ago. However, this has not affected my opportunity to finish my degree and continue experiencing the cultural exchange offered by this grant. Apart from having had the chance to know American culture, I have had the chance to know people from all around the world, many of whom are my friends nowadays. At the moment I am in the last month of my courses, attending online classes and still completing my internship at CIEL (Center for International Environmental Law), also online. Fulbright has always been supporting me through each stage of the program, both at an academic and personal level. For example, when we were not sure whether I would be able to return to Uruguay, I received an answer and support straightaway. Fulbright has been there for me through each detail, enabling my return—from organization and logistics to buying the airline ticket. Moreover, upon my return to Uruguay, Fulbright kept supporting me so that I could continue and finish my courses. I think these details make this internationally prestigious program unique. I will always be grateful for all the support Fulbright has given me so that I could fulfill my goals.”