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Becas para Estadounidenses

This program is designed to contribute to improve the quality of the English language instruction provided in Uruguayan public education. Fulbright English Teaching Assistants are placed in a classroom to provide assistance to teachers of English.

Grant Period

8 months – From mid March to mid November. An orientation seminar for grantees is held in March, at the beginning of the program. During the seminar ETAs learn about the Uruguayan system of education and the teaching of English; and have the chance to meet with the mentor teachers at their host institutions. Each mentor provides the ETA with a schedule of activities for their first two weeks. At the end of the orientation they travel to the provinces with their mentors.


Proficient spoken and written Spanish is required at the time of application. The ability to communicate with locals in Spanish greatly enhances the cultural experience.


Placements are made based upon the priorities established by the Uruguayan authorities in education.

To allow for maximum exposure to the Uruguayan culture and the education environment, the ETA program in Uruguay takes place in two locations: the provinces and Montevideo (the capital city), for an urban experience. In each location, ETAs have two placements. Educational institutions that are part of the program: Elementary schools (K-12); High Schools; Teacher Training Centers.

The week is divided among the institutions where ETA’s are placed with a maximum time commitment of 20-25 hours per week. Grantees devote the spare time to their individual study/research projects. In addition to their ETA activities, grantees may enroll in up to two academic courses per semester at a Uruguayan university or engage in independent research related to their field of study under the supervision of a faculty member. These activities combined with the TA responsibilities, comprise a full-time program.


Round trip travel, monthly stipend and accident and sickness insurance.