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Becarios 2022

  • Guggieri, Andres
    Master of Energy Economics
    Rice University
  • Lemes, Sofia
    Master of Science in Business Analytics
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • Martinez, Juan Pablo
    Masters in Cybersecurity and Privacy
    Georgia Tech University
  • Martinez, Patricia
    Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering
    Georgia Tech University
  • Mesa, Ines
    Master of Science in Animal Science
    Colorado State University
  • Vignale, Lucia
    Ph.D. study in Plant Breeding and Genetics
    Cornell University

Becarios 2021

  • Cabrera, Álvaro
    Master of Engineering Management
    Purdue University
  • Caram, Nicolás
    PhD in Agronomy
    University of Florida
  • Escuder, Matías
    Master of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Rostan, Vanesa
    MS in Soil and Water Sciences
    University of Florida
  • Sánchez, Mathías
    PhD in Pharmaceutical Science
    Temple University
  • Volpe, Cecilia
    MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Transportation Engineering
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Becarios 2020

  • Belén, Florencia
    MA in Film and Media Production
    New York Film Academy
  • Camarero, Sofía
    MS in Environment and Sustainability
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Carrère, Michelle
    MA in International Studies
    University of Denver
  • Fernández, Natalia
    MS in Educational Research and Evaluation
    Northern Illinois University
  • Keuliyan, Faustina
    MS in Civil Engineering
    Auburn University
  • Macedo, Ignacio
    PhD in Horticulture and Agronomy
    University of California, Davis
  • Oroz, Ruben
    MS in Criminology & Criminal Justice
    University of Alabama, Tuscalosa
  • Peraza, Juliana
    Doctor of Occupational Therapy
    University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Rondán, Javier
    MS in Civil Engineering
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Simon, Eduardo
    Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering
    Cornell University

Becarios 2019

  • Aleman, Ezequiel
    PhD study in Education
    Iowa State University
  • Arbiza, Ricardo
    Masters in Music
    The New School
  • Iglesias, Gonzalo
    Master of Laws in Environmental and Energy Law
    Georgetown University
  • Jackson, Matias
    Master in Laws in Intellectual Property Law
    George Washington University
  • Olivet, Martin
    MBA (Energy)
    Duke University
  • Peña, Felipe
    PhD Study in Veterinary Medicine
    University of Minnesota
  • Pittaluga, Alejandro
    PhD study in Animal Sciences
    Ohio State University
  • Rubio, Valentina
    PhD study in Soil and Crop Sciences
    Cornell University
  • Veneri, Federico
    PhD study in Statistics (Criminology)
    Iowa State University
  • Vigliecca, Guzman
    MS Study in Computer Science
    Northeastern University

Becarios 2018

  • Berchesi, Agustina
    EdM Study in School Leadership
    Harvard University
  • Beux, Cecilia
    MBA Study in Business Administration with focus in Logistics
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Castelli, Sofia
    MS Study in Drug Discovery and Development
    Drexel University
  • Curiel, Manuel
    MS Study in Energy Systems
    Northeastern University
  • Gonzalez, Nicolas
    MS Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Montti, Oriana
    PhD Study in International Economics & Finance with focus on Health Economics
    Brandeis University
  • Pisani, Mikaela
    MS Study in Data Science
    Texas Tech University
  • Ramirez, Maria Cecilia
    PhD degree program in Organizational and Policy Studies
    University of Washington, College of Education
  • Serrano, Nicolás
    MS Study in Secure Computing
    Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Simeto, Sofía
    PhD Study in Plant Pathology
    University of Minnesota
  • Varela, Gonzalo
    MFA Music Composition for the Screen
    Columbia College Chicago

Becarios 2017

  • Auyanet, Sebastián
    MA study in Social Journalism
    City University of New York
  • Beltrame, Enrique
    Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing Design
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bobba, Natalia
    Ph.D. Program in Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
    Columbia University
  • Ferreira, Romina
    Master of International Economics and Finance
    Johns Hopkins Univeristy
  • Figliolo, Luciana
    Global Social Sustainable & Enterprise MBA
    Colorado State University
  • Folgar, Leandro
    Master of Education Program in Technology, Innovation and Education
    Harvard University
  • Guerra, Jose Ignacio
    Duke University
  • Scavone, Martin
    MS in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering
    Virginia Tech
  • Scavone, Rossana
    Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
    University of Washington
  • Uranga, Martin
    PhD Program in Sustainable Forest Management
    Oregon State University

Becarios 2016

  • Botto, German
    PhD in Life Sciences (Molecular Biosciences Program)
    Montana State University
  • Capurro, Maria Cristina
    Ph.D. study in Soil and Crop Sciences
    Colorado State University
  • Cohen, Lucía
    MA in Political Communication program
    American University
  • Coli, Sheila
    EdD in Curriculum and Instruction
    Northern Illinois University
  • De Maria, Maite
    PhD Physiological Science
    University of Florida
  • Ferreira, Carolina
    MC/MPA study in Mid-Career Public Administration
    Harvard University
  • Frechou, Agustina
    PhD study in Biomedical Sciences
    Yeshiva University
  • Gomez de Freitas, Guillermo
    MS study in Engineering Mechanics
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Guillamon, Joaquín
    MS study in Natural Gas Engineering
    Texas A&M University
  • Klot, Joaquín
    MPA study  in International Development
    Harvard University
  • Marquez, Adrián
    MA study in Economic History
    University of Cincinnati
  • Nuñez, Agustín
    Ph.D. study in Soil and Crop Sciences
    Colorado State University
  • Porto, Camila
    MA in Economics
    Northeastern University
  • Silva, Maria Paula
    Ph.D. study in Genetics
    Kansas State University
  • Soca, Lucía
    Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • Tosar, Santiago
    ME study in Sustainable Engineering
    University of Maryland
  • Veroli, Victoria
    PhD in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program
    University of Pittsburgh

Becarios 2015

  • Bonilla, Braulio
    PhD., study in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Castera, Melissa
    MEM study in Environmental Management
    Yale University
  • Cibils, Camila
    MA Study in Journalism
    City University of New York
  • De los Santos, Jorge
    PhD Biotecnology
  • Dutto, Martin
    MBA study in Business Administration
    George Washington University
  • Figueras, Cristian
    MBA study in Business Administration
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Garcia Pintos, Alfonso
    MBB study in Biomanufatcturing and Bioprocessing
    University of Georgia
  • Garcia, Mateo
    Ph.D. study in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Texas A&M University
  • Gonzalez, Silvana
    Ph.D. study in School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
    University of Washington
  • Harreguy, Ma. Belen
    PSM study in Biotechnology
    University of South Florida
  • Lasa, Miguel
    MS study in Robotics Engineering
    Worcester Polytechnic Insititute
  • Lopez, Agustin
    MEng study in Engineering Management
    Cornell University
  • Olivera, Hernan
    MFA study in Cinema Directing
    Columbia College University
  • Pereira, Juan Ignacio
    MPP study in Public Policy
    University of Chicago
  • Segantini, Marcos
    PhD in Public Studies
    Clemson University
  • Sosa, Carolina
    MFA study in Documentary Filmmaking
    New York Film Academy
  • Texeira, Nicolas
    MPA study in Public Administration
    State University of New York at Albany
  • Torterolo, Sebastian
    MBA study in Business Administration
    Yale University
  • Voulminot, Carlos
    MFR study in Forestry and Natural Resources
    University of Georgia

Becarios 2014

  • Carlos, Andrés
    M.S.Ed. in Foundations of Education
    Northern Illinois University
  • Lenzi, Javier
    PhD study in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
    Purdue University
  • Olivera, Verónica
    MPA study in International Development
    Harvard University
  • Parodi, Cecilia
    MS-MBA study in Operations & Technology Management
    Boston University
  • Sardi, Diego
    MFA study ir Creative Producing
    Columbia College University
  • Varela, Sebastián
    PhD study in Geography
    Kansas State University
  • Villar, Andrea
    MCE study in Civil Engineering
    North Carolina State University

Becarios 2013

  • Berlangieri, Soledad
    MS Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science
    University of Arkansas
  • Ferreyro, Sebastian
    PhD in Mechanical Engineering
    Pennsylvania State University
  • Hernandez, Guzman
    PhD Physics
    New York University
  • Maciel, Fernanda
    PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Medina, Ignacio
    MS Education Technology
    Buffalo State University
  • Monteverde, Eliana
    PhD Breeding and Genetics
    Cornell University
  • Mussio, Irene
    PhD in Natural Resource Economics
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Pais, Jorge
    Master of Science in Computer Science
    Northeastern University
  • Pereyra, Mariana
    PhD Science Education
    University of North Carolina
  • Pizzo, Lucilla
    PhD Molecular Medicine
    Pennsylvania State University
  • Pons, Maite
    PhD Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
    University of Washington
  • Sanchez, Rodrigo
  • Silveira, Agustin
    MFA in Screenwriting
    New York Film Academy
  • Vilariño, Marcela
    PhD Animal Biology
    UC Davis